Noosphere Ventures July: An interview with Max Polyakov, Three Legs of Venture Investing and Future of Electro-Jet Low-Thrust Engines by SETS

The era of the electro-jet engine industry is here, or should we say: is almost here? Thanks to Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures. Max reveals a host of contracts that his company has made with Firefly Aerospace, the space technology wing of his Noosphere Company. He leaves you with plenty of […]

Know Here The Tax Concession For Small Businesses

Whether an individual or a business, everyone has to pay tax to the government. Since 2016, the taxation process for small businesses and start-ups has undergone a drastic change. Different policies are introduced by the government to promote business. The entrepreneurs hire the services of Goods and Services Tax Consultant in […]

Real estate in Belgium, why invest?

More and more French investors prefer to make their investment abroad and especially in Belgium today. And for good reason, the Belgian market compared to the French market offers some indisputable advantages. Back in particular on these strong points. Market stability: growth in sight Unlike the Paris market, Belgian real […]

Live Virtual Campus, the interactive e-learning solution

Since the strike of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, governments from all over the globe have adopted stern measures to restrain human interaction and combat its spread. A common course of action has been to shut down all learning institutions. As a result, many institutions have embarked on e-learning to keep […]

6 Easy Web Services for Everyone Online Video Editing

As you can see, from the rise of YouTube, the demand for video is growing exponentially everywhere. In addition to business scenes such as video advertisements, many people are also editing videos themselves, such as creating slideshows, family movies, and birthday videos in private.  However, even if you want to […]

How your credit score affects your mortgage

One of the most common topics customers ask me about is credit scores. “How will my credit score affect my rates? What if my partner or spouse has a low credit score? Will applying for a pre-approval hurt my score?” Here’s a roundup of the guidance I give them. A […]

Benefits of using luggage pick up service

When you go abroad for any vacations or business purposes, the luggage becomes the born of contention as you can take it everywhere. There is a need to take the luggage storage Dubai airport as it’s the best option to keep the luggage for some time and take the delivery […]

Best Travel Credit Cards of 2020

Even though the travel industry is currently at a virtual standstill, now may be a good time to look into travel credit cards. Not being able to travel shouldn’t be a reason to avoid taking advantage of some of the great benefits credit card companies are still offering.  Some benefits […]


Travelling is one venture that just makes you meet new people; it expands your horizons and you get to know about various new places as well.  It is always good to try something new and let’s just say if you are amongst those few lucky ones who have a friend […]

Payers and suppliers in healthcare reimbursement

Payers associated with reimbursement of health services include government and other commercial payers. The payers make sure that inpatient, outpatient, and non-patient services are efficiently processed in accordance with state laws and regulations. The largest payers of healthcare services are Medicaid and Medicare. Medicare has various plans offering different coverage. […]

Top 13 Tips For Making More Professional Videos

Videography is a significant art and science of capturing the details and expressions that create a positive difference in the audiences’ lives. One cannot be a professional videographer just because they have the latest iPhone or the most popular digital camera fully loaded with numerous technical features. Perhaps, knowing some […]

Annapurna and Peaks around Annapurna Mountain Region

Annapurna Region is in fact known as Annapurna Massif which is called the compact groups of peaks. Annapurna Massif is located in the Himalayas in north-central Nepal. Annapurna Massif consists of one peak over 8,000 meters, thirteen peaks over 7,000 meters, and sixteen 6,000 meters high respectively. 55 km (34 […]

What Lessons Do Flowers Teach Us?

Flowers are best known for the beauty that resides within them and fragrance that surrounds them all the time. Their positive vibe makes a sensible human being fall in love with them instantly. Freshly plucked blossoms are known for setting the platform for the celebration of an annual event in […]

On the Clock: A Pocket Guide to Time sheet Rounding

  Back in the day when handling payroll was pretty much a pen-and-paper process, employers would use rounding to account for odd minutes and seconds outside the regular work schedule. Timesheet rounding helped streamline calculating wages and save chunks of time in the process.  But does it still make sense […]

The 5 Best MIDI player for Home Recording 2020

MIDI, formally known as technical standard that describes a communications protocol, digital interface, and electrical connectors. Which connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers, and related audio devices for playing, editing and recording music that portable for composers, musicians and record producers. Compare to recording audio files (Want […]

Tips on legally trademarking band names

In case you have a band name in mind that you want to pursue in the future and bring it into reality. You will be required to register the trademark, however, it is important that you keep in mind that registration processes for trademarks aren’t always easy, Once that has […]