Travelling is one venture that just makes you meet new people; it expands your horizons and you get to know about various new places as well. 

It is always good to try something new and let’s just say if you are amongst those few lucky ones who have a friend whose birthday also falls with yours then you can always get flower delivery in pune, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. 

The best part about travelling is that places tends to affect you. Just think about going to a place full of trees, a waterfall and a nice beautiful place with fewer people, the natural elements which are present in that place will surely have an effect on you and will make you a little introspective and will also make you calm. 

When it comes to travel, we always think about the expenses we have to bear and the things we have to pack but this is not the case. Travelling just makes everything easier. It just lets a lot feasible when it is our birthday time. 

Let us give you reasons and take you through a brief guide of why we think travelling is something that you should do on your birthday


When it comes to birthday parties’ people who are above twenty-one surely opt for alcohol now travelling is better because you won’t have to drink and have a hangover in the morning with forty-five missed calls from our boss and then think about what did we do last night.

Travelling just makes it easier for you as you can opt for a vacation. It will completely give you a break from your routine. We are not saying that alcohol is bad but travel is better than grinding against sweaty bodies in a dark room 


These birthday discounts are amazing as they will just lower your expenses by a lot. You nearly have a free trip up your sleeve and you should go for it. If you are going to major cities then they will provide you with major discounts. If you are a girl then it is also observed that various brands also offer discounts within the birthday month or on birthdays. Is it not amazing? Maybe you can send some birthday flowers to someone who shares the same birthday as you. It will just lighten up their face and they will feel happier and appreciated.  


There will surely be amazing adventures along the way and many new things to learn for you. You can always opt for travelling. Book yourself a scuba diving session, mountain climbing or trekking. These activities are just amazing as every country has a speciality associated with it and will surely be one of your precious memories for the future. 


You will surely get to meet new people. Choose a group that you won’t hang out with it is not that hard to make friends in foreign countries; it is not that hard to make new friends in foreign countries or anywhere you go. You just have to be open to them and you can always talk about casual things with them as the conversation starting with the weather is bound to get deeper at some point. Besides, tell them it is your birthday. 


These birthdays will not only be the birthdays of a few hours but will be the birthdays that will last for a few weeks to a month. This is better than having few hours to yourself, for all those days you can do whatever you wish to do and be happy after all that’s what the birthdays are for. from the one-night party make it last for more than one night. 


You have the complete control on your birthday as you will be the one deciding what you want, where you stay and what you eat or drink which is at times not possible when we are celebrating our birthdays amongst our friends. Not that this leads to a bad experience but this will just make you the boss of the whole trip and you are free to do whatever you wish or desire and you don’t have to ask anyone. 

You will love travelling on your birthday and as we all know with the increase in our age, we are also getting old and we also look for a time where we won’t have any responsibilities well it is time for you to escape the world and enjoy your world full of dreams and explore new ventures that are out there. 

Try something new! Show some self-love to yourself and maybe order a birthday cake at midnight with your favourite flowers. self-love is known to improve you in various ventures of your life. 


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