There are many risks involved when you are running a company and especially commercial cleaning services because the cleaning employees are sent to various commercial buildings for cleaning. Mental stress for the owners is that there are many expensive items that could be stolen or vandalized. 

What Includes In The Employees Background Checks?

So the cleaning businesses make it a critical point that they do a comprehensive check of different kinds of backgrounds of the existing and newly hired employees. Many people make the mistake of just checking the criminal background. Although it is the most important of all other things have to be analyzed as well.

Overall Background Check

There are several points to consider when the management of commercial cleaning services is planning to hire their employees. There is a specific quantity of alcohol that the employees can consume during their working days. Cleaning businesses have to check if the applicants have followed the rules or not.

Criminal Background Check

If the employees have come from an area where the crime rate is more than other regions; then the criminal check becomes essential. This is to look whether the candidate has been in any criminal or he/ she come clean.

Employment Background Check

Many employees lie about their employment history to become a part of the organization. This comes under fraud regulation and has heavy penalties. The owners must do an employment check to confirm the previous jobs the applicant had. 

Fingerprint Background Check

It should be mandatory in all cleaning companies’ manifesto including Jan Pro OKC to have fingerprints checked of the employees; to make sure that the staff members are legal American citizens. As many illegal immigrants and criminals take up jobs to do their dirty work.

Commercial Cleaning Services Conducting Background Check

Commercial cleaners can do the background checks themselves by getting legal access to different websites. But the cleaners can hire employment background check companies to save time. You have to make sure that the companies you hire to check are authentic.

What Points Employers Can’t Look Into?

There is certain information that is confidential and can only be obtained by the consent of the applicant. If the organization can move further without them then leave it. But at certain stages verification is needed, so it can be obtained with the permission of the employee.

Why Background Checks Are Important?

Every commercial cleaning services providing company want to make sure that the business doesn’t suffer from financial losses in the form of theft and other accidents. The following are the most important reasons as to why cleaning businesses should do background checks. 


  • Any employee who has any type of criminal background will always have a tendency for violence. So the people with a clear criminal history will ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone. 
  • Dangerous incidents and accidents are less likely to happen because they have a good employment record that shows experience.
  • It is in the labor laws that every business must and should do a background check; otherwise, there is punishment for the companies.
  • The clients always trust commercial cleaning services whose employees have clear records. So you have to check before hiring employees.




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