Anniversary is a great occasion, not just a date. This shows how much time both of you have spent together with all the laughs, love, and care. This day needs to be celebrated. And both of you should make efforts to make your partner laugh a little louder on your special day. You need to sprinkle salt of laughter, in your sweet relationship. Both of you can choose many gifts and tricks that will make your partner laugh. The evergreen gift for this is that you can choose a beautiful anniversary bouquet, send it with a funny card or a funny note. You can send flowers to Delhi, with a funny card on just some clicks.

This is must-do things but we also have 5 great gift ideas that guaranteed will make them laugh out loud –

  1. 7 funny story strips – Every couple has inside stories that are funny to them only. You can think of those stories and write it in strips then hide those strips in different places in your room with a task attached to it, you can also add a small gift with them. Then ask your partner to find those strips and read them aloud and laugh. You can also use anniversary flowers with every strip to make it a little romantic and still funny. 
  2. Box of beer and funny games You can make your evening very interesting, as you can organize small games which will make both of you laugh, of course with beer or whichever drink you like. But don’t forget to make a box of games and decorate it. Your partner can get a choice of games, which both of you like to play. You can surely add an anniversary bouquet with a box of games and wine. You can do this even when both of you are staying away because online flower delivery in Bangalore is available and couriers this box physically or virtually. Then you can play all the games on a video call. 
  3. Funny Candy Poster – If your partner is a lover of candies and chocolates. You must do this for them. You just need to use a little brain and connect the rhymes with the name of chocolates. And here you are ready. You can make it as funny as you can. For example – I love when you KISS ME (stick those small candies with this name)                – you are my EXTRA (stick candies here) lovely but angry partner. This card will surely make them laugh. You can also use flowers on this card instead of candies. As the flowers have more options and colors. And for this, you should order flowers online because you will get a variety of flowers under one roof. Also online flower delivery in Bangalore is available. 
  4. Similar Funny T-shirts – This is treading very much these days. As couples like to dress up in funny t-shirts or similar t-shirts and have a photoshoot. You can surely choose t-shirts or personalize them with funny quotes and stories of both of you. You can choose quotes like – “you are my pain in the ass but still I love you”, “13 years of togetherness but I haven’t killed him/her yet”, “ I vow to grab your butt even when you are old”. You can also send this with other things like cake, flowers, or a bottle of wine if both of you are staying away. This is a sweet gesture and your gift is no doubt funny. You can surprise them even at midnight because midnight flower delivery in Bangalore is available. 
  5. Feel the love with Mugs – If your partner loves coffee you can surely choose this. Nowadays you can easily print on mugs and make it personalized. You can choose anything funny or sassy. This will surely make them laugh every day when they drink coffee in that cup. You can choose quotes like – I love you more than I hate your aunt. Nowadays there are also heat changing mugs. You can also choose them. You can choose a funny photo of both you or a funny photo of him or her all over the cup. This will make them laugh without any doubt.

It is always great to add little humor in your life. This always makes your relationship stronger and better. As we all know, laughing is the best medicine. Don’t leave any opportunity to make your partner laugh and feel love. Choose any of the gifts mentioned above they will surely make you and your partner happy and will add moments in your happy diary. 


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