Blogging has become a mainstream marketing channel. consistent with HubSpot State of Inbound 2018, “Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to realize a positive ROI on their efforts.” Blogging is not any longer a hobby. it’s now a full-time vocation that’s slowly evolving into an industry.

Although the interest in blogging and therefore the number of blogging platforms has increased substantially, not every blogger is in a position to taste success. Mistakes are available their way of turning their blogs into idle assets that receive little or no traffic.

As a blogger for myself, I even have skilled almost every single imaginable mistake of this type. I even have made numerous mistakes and also learned such a lot from them I can write a book thereon.

For now, I will be able to settle with a fast blog, which is that this. In what’s to follow I will be able to cover a number of the foremost common WordPress mistakes that every amateur blogger makes. These mistakes if not rectified can undermine the long-term success of your blog thus putting all of your diligence to rest.

So, let’s start,

1 Lack of Focus

Steve Jobs once said, “Focus doesn’t mean saying yes, it means saying no.” As a blogger who is simply getting into action you’ll be all pumped and hooked into writing on every topic excites your brain and vocabulary. If you’re to follow your emotions, your blog is most likely getting to check out a cluttered table with an excessive amount of thereon.

A cluttered blog isn’t getting to be a winner. you’ve got to specialize in a variety of niche topics where your expertise and interest lies. Also, you’ve got to make sure that you simply create focused blogs on those niche areas that are unlike the other blog out there. Staying different from the herd is that the secret to the first-level success of a blogger.

2 Failing to try to Proper Interlinking

Alright, now you’ve got started publishing blogs on niche topics. They’re getting an honest response. Now what? Are you interlinking them? Interlinking is employed to redirect readers to other blogs that they could have an interest in.

Why do you have to interlink your blogs? for 2 reasons. First of all, it helps increase the visitor’s dwell time on the web. Secondly, it contributes tons in improving your blog’s SEO-friendliness. Without interlinking your blogs would be standalone posts that will or not get the traction that they deserve.

3 Missing to Optimize Keywords for Blogs

SEO can make or break your blog. In my beginning days as a blogger, I wont to consider SEO and therefore the whole exercise of keyword optimization as something of the responsibility of marketers. If you’re thinking on an equivalent line, prepare to vary your thoughts. As a blogger, you need to have a touch a little bit of marketing expertise in you too.

While writing a blog and also after publishing, confirm you’re optimizing the blog with the proper choice of keywords. the selection of keywords should pertain to your niche topic and even have an honest amount of search volume. Luckily, you’ve got tools like SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, among many others which will assist you to find the proper keywords which will help your blog rank higher.

4 Not Making the foremost of WordPress

WordPress isn’t just a data processing editor. it’s a powerful blogging platform that comes with a set of tools that will take your blogging prowess to an entirely new level. WordPress has its own ecosystem of plugins, extensions, and themes.

You can use WordPress themes to form your WordPress look absolutely unique and specific to an industry. as an example, you’ll get themes that resemble a fashion blog, or a cookery blog or maybe a tech blog complete with social media sharing buttons and far more.

You can even get extensions and plugins which will do everything from securing an internet site to boosting your SEO-friendliness.

5 Compromising on Security


My first two blogs don’t exist today. Cybercriminals took them. Not that my blog was a world-class one that had much organic traffic on a day to day. Still, my blog was appropriated by hackers who put up a graffiti demeaning a party. The other is now a tract for spamvertised (spam + adverts).

In other words, all my years of diligence has gone down the drain because I ignored one crucial aspect of blogging – cybersecurity. Not many of us (even IT professionals) are getting to advocate the necessity for security. the bulk of the world’s population lives under the safe comforting lie that the web remains a secure haven. the reality is, it is not.

Every single day thousands of internet sites and blogs are taken down by hackers. Sometimes they’re motivated by a purpose, sometimes even as a hobby. regardless of what their intent is, if your blog isn’t secured it can fall under the hands of hackers. If you don’t want that to happen it’s recommended to secure with an SSL certificate. it’ll also offer you an HTTPS address bar which will also give an SEO edge.

Key Takeaways

Every expert was once a novice. If you’re one among all newbie bloggers today, it’s time for you to require these mistakes seriously so that your blog’s future is safe. You don’t need to make of these mistakes to find out from them. Sometimes it’s better to find out from the mistakes of others.


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