More and more French investors prefer to make their investment abroad and especially in Belgium today. And for good reason, the Belgian market compared to the French market offers some indisputable advantages. Back in particular on these strong points.

Market stability: growth in sight

Unlike the Paris market, Belgian real estate is much more stable. Indeed, the price of m2 is negotiated on average at 3,000 euros against 10,000 euros in the capital of France. With a prize like this, Belgium can still offer exponential growth in a few years. This applies to both turnkey residences and new constructions.

In other words, real estate investments in Belgium are safer. But beware, the future of your investment will also depend on its quality. Some criteria are in particular for choosing your property: location, size, style, etc. properties will be recommended more in trendy neighborhoods or future trends. Which will add value to your investment?

For information, the trends in Belgium are real estate investment funds, rental investments, simple homeownership, second homes, and flat sharing. It is up to you to see which is the ideal market, corresponding precisely to your profile and your needs, but which can also guarantee a sustainable return in the long term.

More substantial benefits for rental investment

In Belgium, according to the accountant in Saint-Gilles and Ixelles in Belgium, the benefits of a rental investment are more substantial. There is an evolution from year to year with an average of 4% gross.

But beware, seasonal rentals are generally more private in Belgium. It’s more convenient and just as profitable. Classic rentals are rarer. And for information, in most cases, apartments in the city center are the most in-demand. They cost only a few tens of thousands of euros and will, therefore, be more affordable for all income.

Rental investments are all the more profitable, in any case, because the interest rates on mortgage loans have been falling in recent years in Belgium. Investors can, therefore, increase their borrowing capacity and choose larger properties, for the same loan conditions. And of course, the risks of over-indebtedness are minimal

Tax benefits are possible

Contrary to popular belief, the accountant Ixelles or in Uccle insists on the possibility of benefiting from certain tax advantages via real estate investments in Belgium. This is particularly the case for rental property.

However, to benefit from these allowances, you must meet a few criteria. For example, there is the type of said good. Commercial or professional premises are the most popular and are the safest assets for reducing social contributions. In addition, the state also provides allowances for principal residences. And for good reason, we are already predicting today the impact that baby boom will have on the real estate market.

Another criterion to take into account is the location of the property in question. In order to encourage investment in overcrowded neighborhoods, the tax exemption systems advocate a very strict zoning limit.


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